Upcycled 'Parchis' Side Table

I have just finished this groovy side table, made out of a vintage 'Parchís' Spanish gameboard on paper with a glass cover, a frame made to measure using solid teak and adapted vintage solid pinewood legs with a nice structure in an X shape.

Check the pictures below and the 'Making Of' section for further details.
Measures: tabletop 42 x 42cm, 50cm high.

Some pictures taken during the MAKING process: The main parts used to build the table, the vintage 'Parchís' gameboard and the pinewood legs - these needed a full rebuild as they were all wobbly, and a thorough sanding too...
I took the gameboard off its original frame, and built a 'new' one out of an old solid teak one that had the perfect look and width for this project.
I used the router to carve a second groove in which the board plus glass will slot in. The wider groove would accomodate the tabletop base. Sanding the teak frame.
Sealing all the wooden parts with several coats of clear varnish - it got polished afterwards for a smooth, satin finish. Fastening the board and glass to the frame.
Final steps: securing the tabletop base to the legs structure, and then the whole tabletop to the base.

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