A Country-Chic Pallet Coffee Table

This has been one of my favourite commissions so far! The lovely couple wanted a coffee table made with a pallet, not as industrial-looking as the average ones that are set on casters, but something that would match their living room decoration -with a chocolate leather sofa- better.

I took measures, made a few sketches, showed possible finishes -and the final piece they agreed upon included these elements:
A great pallet for the base: half European size, pine wood in perfect condition and with no gaps between the slats. Combined with two black antique drawers, a set of four gorgeous legs from a 19th Century wardrobe plus tiny casters (discreet, dainty -and solid enough to carry the heavy load of the table!)... and to top it all, an upcycled surface taken from a discarded 20s church bench seat!

The pallet central part (plus the new wood added to it) was to be left in its raw wood colour to 'lighten' the piece, the legs and drawers kept in their original dark tones -but treated and varnished, of course-, and the thick board on top, once cut, treated and sanded, would sport a smooth, satin dark chocolate surface.
The polished vintage casters and iron handles for the drawers give the metallic, shiny contrast to it all.

Measures: 84 x 56cm, 40cm high
Some pictures in detail:
The different elements, before treatment: the church bench seat, one of the drawers (with the original -too small- knob), the pallet & new pine wood strips, and the four antique legs.

The actual 'making' process:
-Dismantling the pallet legs (as their pieces were to be used, but set differently) and sanding it
-Taking the nails out of the wardrobe legs, plus treating the wood and varnishing

-Cut, sand, smooth the brim, treat the wood and cover the bigger gaps of the top surface, but still leaving a rustic, irregular look
-Varnish the surface (satin, wengue colour), with soft sanding in between coats

-Cut & sand the new pieces of wood -and some from the pallet- for the central part of the table
-Clear varnish these pieces, along with the pallet
-Build the body of the table, a kind of 'cage' structure
-Add and secure the legs, then set the casters

-Distress the drawer painted surfaces, varnish and change the knobs for the vintage iron handles
-Final polishing of the top surface

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