The Red Coffee Table

The Red Coffe Table is been one of my favourite projects. It is made out of a salvaged pallet, a recycled piece of strong glass, new wheels and industrial handle & some other pieces that I have reused, like the two metallic bars on the sides and the drawer.

Being made out of a Small Europen pallet, its surface measures 60x80 cm. Then, with the adding of the strong industrial wheels, it turns 30cm high and it is able to stand heavy loads up to 40kg- the glass is part of a window for a shop, so it is quite thick and resistant too.

I have added a metallic handle, so the stouty table can be easily moved around if needed.
Otherwise, two of the wheels have brakes, so the table can also stand perfectly still. The rubber on the wheels makes this piece of industrial furniture perfectly safe for all kinds of flooring, including parquet.

The drawer is huge, providing loads of room to store all the bits and bobs that otherwise will end up scattered around on the table. It is 14cm wide, but 60cm long and 10cm deep!

I have tried to be as careful and meticulous as possible while building this table... despite its simple look, it took quite a few hours of thinking & several days for the making! Here there are some pictures of the process:

Cleaning and sanding the pallet (left)

Adding the wheels (right)

The pallet had originally a bright red colour in some parts that gave it a lovely 'happy' look... So I painted the whole thing including the added drawer, trying to achieve the same old, 'used' effect everywhere and accentuating the personality of the future table.
Then, the long and tedious process of scraping the rests of silicone from the glass, and the polishing of all the brims...

The glass is secured to the table with four mirror holders, and I have added three pieces of wood to fill in the gaps on one end. Like this, the glass stands on an even surface and all the corners are protected (see picture below).

And finally the last details: the bars on the sides and the handle...
Voilà! The Red Coffee Table is now finished and ready to be used.


  1. et moi, j'adoooooore que tu aîmes! :-P

  2. Moi aussi, j'adooore! Qué pena que no te puedo encargar una igual, porque no me la podría llevar a Bruselas! Sugerencia: añadir en el último párrafo, donde dices eso de "y como último detalle", el sofá con gato. Es el toque definitivo.
    PS. Ké son las chapas metálicas que hay en los lados? Me suenan, pero no caigo...

  3. no por el transporte- no puedes encargar una igual porque mis producciones son Unik-as híe híe ;ºP
    Y ésta ya tiene dueña- es por ello que ella adooore.... :º) :º)

    Las 'chapas' son parte del propio pallet... y the cat is NOT included- entre otras cosas porque no hay quien le arranque de SU nuevo y flamante sofá de plumas, jajaja :ºD

  4. Amazing Clara! Loving the blog.