Shabby Kid's Chair

I recently restored this cute little chair in solid beech wood, probably made for a child in the first decades of the 20th Century. It was very tattered and even missing part of one of the front legs, but I thought that shabbiness only added to its charm.

I even emphasized the distressed look by sanding some parts here and there to reveal the gorgeous navy blue in which the chair was originally painted. The new seat is dyed in a matching tone too.

Check the 'Making Of' section for the detailed description of the restoration process -now the structure is solid again, and the little chair has many years of life ahead!

Measures: seat 34 x 36cm, 32,5cm high. Back rest height 68cm.

Pictures taken during the MAKING process: Here below, the chair prior its restoration.
Cleaning and sanding the structure. The seat was in such a bad state that I cut another one to measure, out of beech wood plywood.
Staining the new seat with a matching deep blue tone. Then, I repaired and reinforced the structure.
Securing the seat and the front of the structure. The final steps: sealing it all with clear varnish, and then polishing for a smooth touch.

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