'Hul' Table Lamp

'Hul' (Danish for 'Hole') is a sleek table lamp that combines a lovely industrial oval piece made out of perforated steel sheet and a reclaimed solid pinewood base in the shape of a 'U'. The result is close to the famous Danish Midcentury Modern design, thus its name... check the pictures below and the 'Making Of' section for further details.

Measures: 23cm wide, 28cm high, 8cm deep

Some pictures taken during the MAKING process: The main parts used to build the lamp; filling the unnnecessary holes that were in the reclaimed wooden piece.
I stripped off the old ugly varnish, and sealed the pinewood with several coats of clear varnish. Wiring the lamp.
Mounting all the parts. I didn't take a picture while drilling the grooves to slot the metallic shade into the wooden base, but the result can be seen in this last shot, while testing the lamp.

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