6 Assemblage Sculpture Whales

I have just finished this 'family' of assemblage sculpture whales, all unique and all made using reclaimed wood, scrap metal bits and other salvaged materials. See them here below in detail, and check the 'Making Of' section for further details!
WHALE 1 --Measures: 62cm long, 42cm high, 10cm wide.

WHALE 2 --Measures: 39cm long, 41cm high, 5cm wide.

WHALE 3 --Measures: 36cm long, 47cm high, 6cm wide.

WHALE 4 --Measures: 48cm long, 42cm high, 10cm wide.

WHALE 5 --Measures: 48cm long, 33cm high, 6cm wide.

WHALE 6 --Measures: 61cm long, 40cm high, 6cm wide.

Some pictures taken during the MAKING process: The first steps require the selection of the pieces of reclaimed wood, drawing the shape of the different parts of the whale, cutting them and sanding plus rounding the edges
All the little details are made from scratch, using bits and pieces of scrap metal -The drill press table was most useful for straight perforations in order to fasten the supporting steel rods.
Some carvings were made by hand, some with the router -depending on the style required for the whale in hand.
Some pieces had touches of added colour, that got sanded for a better blending in with the salvaged wood.
Attaching all the detail parts, using old reclaimed nails and screws.
The final steps: preparing the bases, and sealing the sculptures with clear varnish -that got polished afterwards for a smooth, satin finish.

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