Brass and Copper Wall Sconce

This is a proper 'Frankenstein' wall lamp, as it has been made joining a mix of parts taken from various origins: a solid brass Art Deco lamp base (used for the wall mounting), an old aluminium kitchen pot lid and the copper top of a lantern from the first decades of the 20th Century (to make the shade bit), a vintage porcelain bulb socket, various copper screws and new wiring. Check the exhaustive 'MAKING OF' section for further details!

The end result is an elegant, full of personality sconce with a nice balance of industrial and nautical looks. It gets enhanced with the use of a traditional 'Edison' tungsten bulb.

Measures: wall base 13cm diameter, shade 21cm diameter, 12cm high. Total lenght from the wall 37cm.

Here are the pictures taken during the MAKING process: The main parts used to make the sconce, and polishing them all.
To make the shade, I cut the aluminium lid of an old kitchen pot, plus drilled the holes to attach the copper part on top.
I also spray painted both the underside and the top side -in matte white and satin black.
Drilling the holes in the base of the wall support, and protecting the exit of the wire with a rubber trim
Mounting the parts that will form the shade, and attaching the arm to the structure.
Finally, wiring and testing the lamp.

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