'Spot', Adjustable Industrial Table Lamp

I enjoyed making this lamp! It's the combination of an Italian vintage theater spotlight and a wooden mould used in metal industry at the beginning of the 20th Century, plus various other parts -including a cut-to-measure frosted glass, a black plastic knob taken from an old machine, a porcelain bulb socket, black braided cotton cord, a big toggle switch and a big red washer. Check the pictures below for further details.

The spotlight angle can of course still be adjusted, and in addition to this it also swivels on its base, resulting in an extremely versatile lamp!

Measures: The spot is 20cm in diameter, 23cm long; the whole lamp is around 40cm high (top picture position).

Some pictures taken during the MAKING process: the main parts used to make the lamp, before I cleaned and polished them. Varnishing the industrial mould.
Wiring the lamp -a wee tricky!
Mounting all the parts -drilling the base
I even added some red duct tape to match the general design. Final step: securing the frosted glass to the spotlight.

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