Reclaimed Window into Mirror

I restored a large, old window from the first decades of the 20th Century -stripping off all the layers of paint that had been added over the years, but leaving some traces in the curvy mouldings to highlight them- and replaced the glass panes for mirrors. There: a stylish, decorative piece for any room!

Measures: 122 x 39cm. Each mirror pane is 34 x 25cm.

Some pictures taken during the MAKING process: the window in its original state, and starting to strip off the multiple layers of paint.
Flat surfaces, done. Then it was the turn of the mouldings... I intentionally left some traces of paint to highlight the lovely grooves.
Taking the glass panes off, and stripping the hardware bits.
Sealing with several coats of clear varnish. Then it was just adding the three mirror panes to the window frame.

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