'Heat' Floor Lamp

'Heat' floor lamp has a distinctive industrial feel, and still the general look is rather classic and elegant.

It is made out of several bronze and brass parts taken from vintage lamps, a steel rod and various other chrome bits. The shade used to belong to an electric reflector heater -thus the name of the lamp-.

All the wiring is new, in black to match the aged bronze pipe and base, and I have connected two bakelite bulb sockets underneath the shade.

Check the pictures below and the 'Making Of' section for further details.  

Measures: 154cm high; shade 44cm diameter, 28cm high; base 25cm diameter

The MAKING OF: The main parts used to build the floor lamp; cleaning the dome taken from the old reflector heater.
The wiring had to be done at the same time as the mounting of all the various parts, as the assemblage was not straight forward at all! -I spray painted the double bulb socket stand to match the general look.
Wiring the foot switch, one of the last steps -testing the lamp: passed!
Finally, assembling the shade bits

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