Old Window Frame Upcycled into Blackboard

The customer who commissioned this liked the mirror with an old distressed window frame, and she asked to have a similar, bigger one -with a blackboard instead of a mirror pane- to be hung in her kitchen area. I also added an old forged iron pull upon her request.

Check the pictures below and the 'making of' process for further details.

Measures: 60 x 100cm

A few pictures taken during the MAKING OF process: The old window, before its transformation. Removing the hardware bits.
Distressing the frame, exposing more of the green layers of paint than the pinewood or the white ones, as per the customer's request. I also stripped the paint off the old hinges.
Varnishing the frame and priming the plywood board before applying the chalkboard paint.

The last steps: drilling the mock keyhole for the iron pull plate and nailing the blackboard to the frame.

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