'Mandorla' Table Lamp

The 'Mandorla' table lamp combines a lovely off-white wooden base from the 1950s painted by hand with an abstract almond-shaped pattern in dark yellow, gray blue and black with a shade made out of an aluminium flat bowl that also has almond-shaped dents and that I spray painted in black and dark yellow to match the base.

The black light bulb socket and black braided cotton cord set complete the dainty, colourful design. Check the pictures below and the 'making of' section for further details.

Measures: shade 38cm in diameter, total height of the lamp 46cm.

Some pictures taken during the MAKING OF process: here below, the main parts used to make the lamp,
Spray painting the aluminium bowl that would become the shade,
Wiring the lamp (I had to drill a bigger hole to accomodate the modern, wider cord)
 And finally, mounting the shade.

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