Big Mirror with Reclaimed Wood Frame

A nice commission! This is the biggest mirror that I have made to date, and its purpose is not only to decorate and add light to the room where it is going to be placed, but also to cover a horrible window made with glass bricks...

The customer wanted a rustic, warm frame with simple lines, so I used some very old pinewood boards, sanded to get rid of all traces of paint but no so much as to lose its character, and I didn't mitre the corners.

Check the pictures below and the 'making of' section for further details.

Measures: 130 x 95cm, the wooden frame is 15cm wide.

A few pictures taken during the MAKING OF process: Preparing the boards and taking measurements once I had the mirror and the plywood base.
Cutting the boards to measure. Once the frame was attached, I filled the gaps with wood putty. Then I sanded it all once again, protected it with clear varnish and polished it all (not shown, but sure you get the idea..)

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