Art Deco Armchair

The renewal of a lovely armchair from the late 1940s: the original upholstery had been covered by a proffesional one in the 80s, very well done but the material was rather updated, plus a cat had caused havoc in the back!. Also, one of the solid oak arms was detached from the structure... 1Unik to the rescue!

I mended the cat's damage, covered the upholstery with an off-white, rustic cotton material, and used a few old studs. The arms got sanded, treated for wood worms and varnished, and the structure repaired and strenghten.
Voilà! The result is an extremely comfortable, elegant and fresh armchair, ready to last for another Century.

Measures: back height 78cm; depth 70cm; width 62cm; seat 48 x 49cm

Some pictures taken during THE MAKING OF process: Here below, the armchair in its original state -note the cat's damage and the clumsy fixing for the arm... so sad.
Removing some of the 80s upholstery features that wouldn't be necessary anymore; sanding the solid oak arms
Removing the dust cover to be able to access the structure for repairs - and woodworm treatment!
The other two pictures show some stages of the reupholstery process

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