Updated Rocking Chair & Jute Sack Cushion

This cute rocking chair in solid walnut and wicker seat got a makeover with distressed light gray paint, varnished and polished for a smooth, satin touch, and the addition of a cushion made out of a burlap sack that used to contain tiger nuts (*)

Measures: total height 105cm; lenght 54cm; width 72cm; seat 45 x 46cm

(*) Tiger nuts -chufas in Spanish- are the tubers used to make horchata: a popular, refreshing drink consumed in Spain during summer.

Here on the left: the rocking chair before its renewal, and the jute sack used to make the cushion

Below: some picures taken during the MAKING OF process

Painting the chair (after a slight sanding, not shown), and then distressing
Making the cushion, that had to be sewn by hand, and braiding the jute strings to attach the cushion to the chair

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