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The Wall Tree
Remember the 'Trash Tree' that I built three years ago in the old place? I enjoyed it so much -plus it became a kind of a trade mark- that I didn't even think twice about building a second version for Parlament Street. Up for some details?

Made out with over a hundred pieces of scrap wood and almost 3 meters high, it includes two shelves in its branches for displaying some of 1Unik's production. I also built it around some wire pipes that happened to be in that area of the wall (not easy!) and integrated the light plug in the lower part of the trunk.
Even though it's made out of salvaged pieces of wood from varied origins, I've tried to balance the different tones and create a toned-down palette in light browns, whites and grays to match the rest of the decoration. Your turn to judge if the goal is been achieved!

Some pics taken during the two-day building process:

And some views in detail of the complex scrap wood collage:

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