1Unik's New Place -The Staircase Area

One of the nicest features of the new place is the old, narrow staircase that's in one corner of the shop area. It leads to a low-ceiling ancillary mezzanine that's not a public space but where the cats are more than happy to frolic about...

I painted it in the same warm-gray tone as the skirting boards and wooden panelling, and closed the space underneath plus adapted a door to it. Now that corner looks more 'tied up' and I gained some useful storage space!

Some pics taken while I was building the door and panelling:
The main post of the staircase is not perpendicular to the floor! It took some tweaking to adjust the new door underneath...

The Closure of the Arch: using a pair of salvaged old, huge windows. I adapted some cork sheets to the window panes and now I can use it as a display for the necklaces production.

I took off the old hinges -and several other unsalvageable iron fittings-, sanded and painted the windows white
Then sanded again to reveal the nice original distressing. Cutting the frame where the windows would be mounted in.
The closure, installed. Painting the frame in the same gray tone as the other wooden features in the shop room (the painted panel underneath was drying in the workshop, it got set up later on)

I also restored an antique wooden carving that used to belong to an old wardrobe to use it as a nice 'finial' on top of the windows -as shown in the 'after' pic above.

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