Big Daddy Owl

Big Daddy Owl is finally reunited with the rest of his family! (Big Mama Owl, Gufo & Hibu).

Just like them -but bigger-, he is made out of a wooden box: sanded and stained with a water-based, wengué colour varnish and brass Chinese-style clasp closure to form the beak. Oh, and turned upside down, too!.

Also, for the huge eyes, some new and old rusty washers plus a couple of screws and part of the speaker of an old phone from the 50s!. The legs are two thick bolts, covered with metallic beads, and the feet are two vintage drawer knob back plates. His wings are made out of a kitchen plug hole cover cut into two (and sanded to smooth the cut lines), and the pointy ears are made out of those metallic bits used to secure pictures to the frames.

And some detail views...

Big Daddy Owl measures 9x10x12cm, and just like the rest of the Owl family, he is a perfect small treasures keeper!

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