Jewelry Holder No.2

Remember the previous jewelry holder with its rustic and shabby-chic look? Well, this is a more sober version, still 'playful' in its concept of the unusual assembling of parts, but with pure lines and and elegant mix of metallic shines and satin chocolate brown colours.
It's made out of an inox apperitive tray from the 70s with lovely lines and wooden handles, a tinted wooden base, part of the leg of an old neoclassic chair, a tinted clothes hanger from the beginning of the 20th Century, several hooks, screws and washers and a metallic 70s drawer knob.
Dangling from the hooks, displayed on the clothes hanger or on the tray, this jewelry holder can keep a big collection of necklaces, bangles and rings.

Here, some pictures of detail views:

Some of the parts, previous the making... you can see I was doubting between the chair leg or the woodturning spindle to be used as the 'mast' -but it was an easy choice, of course!
The tray of the jewelry holder measures 40x20cm, and the whole piece stands 46cm high. It's an elegant, practical piece of homeware that would look good on virtually any bedroom, blending in most of the decoration styles!

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