Lime Green Piano Stool with Drawer

This is a lovely Art Deco piano-kind stool, rescued and brought to a better, brand new life.

Not only this fine piece of furniture is recovered and adapted to our times (with the lime green and the cushion colours, plus new wood slats for the seat), but it is made  even more useful by adding some storage space to it: a lovely drawer from a 20s school desk.

The green stool measures 52x36cm, 62cm high.

It is perfect for a bedroom, a small entrance in need of extra storage space, as a dressing table seat... and of course to be used as a piano stool! 
Some pictures of the stool in detail (the distressed finish, colours, materials and textures, the fine Art Deco lines, the old drawer and the adapted iron handle also from the 20-30s, the slats for the seat, the structure for the drawer, the pattern of the cushion)

And a bunch of pictures of the making process:
The stool and drawer -before
Taking the very old upholstery off... 1st the bottom
2nd, the once-blue corduroy cover and the straw underneath...
3rd, the tedious process of taking all the nails out -done!
Treating the wood, then sanding the stool -The structure was in mint condition, which is good!
-The same for the drawer-
Cutting all the new pieces of wood
Assembling the new parts & painting
Finally, distressing -and varnishing -and making the cushion

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