Two Industrial Swivel Stools

I recently finished a couple of swivel stools, the bases are two vintage three-legged stainless steel structures, not exactly the same but quite alike. And I made the seats out of an old tongue-and-groove thick pinewwod board covered with interesting stains and a lovely time patina.

Check the pictures below and the 'Making Of' section for further details.
Measures: Diameter of the seats 30cm, the height varies from 40 to 60cm approx.

Some pictures taken during the Making Of the stools: The steel tube structures, and the old pinewood boards
Cutting the wood to measure, plus cutting the underside plywood sheets
Gluing the boards together, then rounding the edges (not shown), and finally protecting the surfaces with several layers of clear varnish, that got polished afterwards for a soft, satin finish.

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