Hanonymity at 1Unik: Vintage Vinyl Records turned into Art

1Unik is very pleased to present a new collaboration: the unique, rather colourful creations of UK artist Hanonymity: each old vinyl record has been hand painted with acrylics, using a one-time-only stencil with an intricate pattern. The results are rather striking, check the pictures and judge for yourself!
There are two ways of hanging the pieces: with a simple nail on the wall to go through the middle hole of the vinyl ( this allows the record to rotate), or by using the little hook at the back of the record.

There are also a few small ones...
And the artist offers the possibility to personalise the vinyls! With an exclusive pattern, or even by painting a silhouette portrait
Come get these interesting pieces of art at 1Unik, carrer Parlament 13, Barcelona. You won't find them anywhere else in Spain!

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