Antique Double Window Upcycled into Mirror

This is a recent project that was a pleasure to make: the restoration, and further transformation into an impressive wall mirror, of a solid pinewood double window with arched top and shutters.

Check the 'Making Of' section for a detailed description of the restoration of this lovely piece, and the pictures here below for further details.

Measures: Closed, 100 x 64cm. Open, 100 x 118cm

The MAKING OF: the window, before its restoration -and cleaning it thoroughly
I removed the wooden stripes that used to hold the glass panes, and dealed with the missing hinge by adding an old one from my stash, smaller but equally strong (in the picture, chiseling the new shape into the side of the shutter)
I also used old screws to fasten the hinge, to match all the rest. Then I sanded the whole structure, but leaving all the character of the weathered wood.
Varnishing and polishing for a smooth, satin touch.
Finally, once the mirror panes were fitted, I joined the two back sides of the window with a plywood sheet cut to measure and screwed to the structure.

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