Kitchen Unit Made with Reclaimed Parts

One of the latest projects was lots of fun: building a bespoke unit for the customer's kitchen, using a very old window complete with its frame, a drawer from the end of the 19th Century -rescued from a local hardware store that closed not long ago-, and a solid pinewood drawer from a vintage wardrobe.

I built a custom structure around all this elements to fit snuggly underneath the bar in the kitchen. The top drawer is accesible from both sides of the counter. Check the pictures below and the 'Making Of' section for further details.

Measures: 56 x 50cm, 106cm high.

Some pictures taken during the MAKING OF: First, restoring and doing the finishings on the drawers: the oldest got painted in anthracite gray inside plus distressed on the front; the top one got stained, and its back side became a 'second front' by means of painting it gray and adding a handle.

The old window got cleaned, sanded, distressed and varnished with and ageing effect. On the right, adding the glass pane to the frame.
Then, building the structure -the panels and shelves got painted and stained before mounting it all (sorry, no pictures of this step)
The final touches: attaching the old forged iron handle to the door and filling the gaps left between the irregular old window frame and the structure with wood putty.
The happy customer, with the finished piece!

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