'Target' Swivel Stools

This was a fun project: I got a pair of vintage swivel stools that, albeit not having exactly the same legs, shared the same variable height and an off-white tone.

The only set back was the sloppy, ill looking varnish that covered the otherwise gorgeous 3cm thick solid beech seats.
So I sanded that goo off and decorated them with a fresh target-like design in teal and off-white.

Check the pictures below for further details!

Measures: seats 30cm in diameter, feet 42cm wide. Height varies from 60 to 70cm.

The stools (the two white ones at the back), before their renovation:
Sanding the dirty layers of varnish off, then rounding the edges of the seats.

Painting the 'target' design on the seats, then sealing them with several coats of clear varnish.

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