Reclaimed Wooden Legs into Candle Holders

This candle holder is made out of an antique solid pinewood leg and a hardwood industrial mould for silver crockery, both from the beginning of the 20th Century. I have treated and restored both pieces without altering their original looks.

Measures: 18cm high, 11cm at the widest point

This pair is made out of a pair of solid walnut wood legs taken from a vintage sofa, then painted in dark teal colour and distressed by me. The tea candle cups are made of iron, and I have also distressed them.

Measures: 7cm high 8,5cm base diameter.

This pair is made out of the front legs of an antique cabinet, just restored (I haven't altered the original colour or their distressed looks) -and two vintage little glasses in a lovely amber shade.

Measures: 13cm high, 6.5cm base diameter

These two big ones are made out of a pair of hardwood legs taken from an antique wardrobe. The gray one is solid pinewood, painted and distressed by me. Iron candle plates with spikes.

 Measures: 11cm high, 9cm diameter at the widest point.
 Measures: 16cm high, 14cm diameter at the widest point.

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