Reclaimed Wood Table Top

Here is one of the last commissions to date: to adapt a bigger surface to an existent table, so the customer is now able to invite more guests over to their small apartment, without altering the lovely old farm table they already had. Nice one!

I have used several pinewood boards reclaimed from the discarded shelves of an old local workshop, sandind and smoothing them but leaving some of the original gray paint and most of the dents and nail holes to preserve their charm.
The table top is held to the table below by the simple-yet-effective means of four narrow laths of stained pinewwod, so it just slots on top. Check the pictures and the 'making of' section below for further details.

Measures: 150 x 75cm

Some pictures taken during the MAKING OF the table top: After selecting the boards and dissasembling them from the original shelving structure it was the turn of sanding
The laths of pinewood that will held the surface and make it slot on top of the customer's table, cut and ready to be pre-drilled and stained.

The table top boards, in position: those straight pieces of wood clamped to the working surface helped me to square it all. Some slight trimming was neccesary, so I chiselled the excesses.
Once everything got assembled I filled the gaps with wood putty. Then, more sanding and rounding the edges.
The last stages involved sealing with several coats of water-based clear varnish and polishing the surface for a smooth, satin finish.

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