Reclaimed Wood Crate for Record Collection

Here is one commission that I enjoyed a lot making: a custom built crate to keep a small vinyl record collection. It had to match the high-end rustic decoration of the customer's living room, so they decided on old reclaimed pinewood boards -but perfectly sanded, with round corners and a warm, elegant teak stain.

Check the pictures and the making-of process below for further details!

Measures: 65cm long, 35cm wide, 30cm high

Some pictures taken during the MAKING OF process: Once the boards got selected and de-nailed, I sanded them thoroughly on both sides to get rid of any roughness or rests of paint. Then, I cut them to size.
Dry-fitting the bottom pieces and drilling some tiny holes for the screws; then attaching the sides.
Sketching the future 'handles' (I cut them with a jig saw later on) and rounding all the edges.
Attaching the corner pieces with headless nails to strenghten the structure and hide the screws; then rounding their edges too.
Staining the whole piece with several coats of water-based teak tint. It also got polished for a smooth, satin finish.

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