Restored Midcentury Modern Chairs

A couple of chairs in solid beech wood and lovely streamline shape from the late 1950s got repaired, stripped off from their damaged -and unmatching- red paint and re-hupholstered with a vintage material in black and red wool.

Check the pictures and the 'making of' section below for further details.
Measures: seat 40 x 40cm, backrest height 83cm.

The chairs, before their restoration. Not too bad, you may think?
Well, here are two close-ups that show their poor state!

And a few snapshots taken during the works: once the structures were repaired (not shown), scrapping off the damaged layers of paint took many, many hours...
Applying linseed oil to highlight the lovely grain of the wood, then sealing it with clear varnish.
Finally, re-hupholstering the seats -as it was impossible to remove them from the structure of the chairs, this got a little tricky!

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