Coffee Table with Forged Iron Legs

This nice table combines a reclaimed solid pinewood top with vintage forged iron legs to get a slim, rather interesting design. Check all the details in the detail pictures and the 'making of' section below.

Measures: 80cm long, 40cm deep, 42cm high.

Some pictures taken during the MAKING OF process: below, the main elements used to make the table -Matt Taylor scrapped off the old layers of paint from the forged iron legs and varnished them. I was in charge of the surface, using that reclaimed pinewood board.
Rounding the edges and carving four holes to be able to slot the surface on the tips of the legs
The underside got stained first, then the board got fastened to the legs. Here I am fixing the vintage screw cover caps with building adhesive,
Then I filled up the gaps with wood putty. The excess got sanded, the top surface stained and varnished, and as the final step, polished (shown in the last photo).

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