Bowl Boxes - 2014 Edition

They are quite laborious to make, but in high demand.. so the colourful, cute collection of little boxes keeps growing! They follow the same idea of joining two maple wood bowls to make a box, but they are all truly unique. The round ones measure 10cm in diameter and are 10cm high. - See more at:
If you have been following this blog, you're certainly acquainted with these little boxes made out of solid maple wood bowls, brass clasps and hinges, plus vintage drawer pulls. Following the public's demand, I have just finished a few more. This year they display trendy colours in different shades of turquoise and gray.

Check the pictures below with details, and these other posts with the previous ones I've made so far: '6 Colourful Bowl Boxes', '2 Shabby Chic Wooden Bowl Boxes', 'Colourful Boxes out of Wooden Bowls' & 'More Bowl Boxes!'

Average measures: 10cm diameter, 10 cm high.

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