Sconce with Industrial Wooden Mold

A wall lamp with an interesting combination of elements: an articulated vintage metallic sconce, to which I have adapted a wooden handle -painted in bright red and distressed-, mounted on a gorgeous wooden mold taken from an old factory from the beginning of the 20th Century. The metallic code of numbers and letters was carfully nailed by hand!. Its deep red colour is original, I have varnished and polished it for protection and a smooth, satin finish.

Measures: sconce 13.5cm diameter, 17cm high; base 16.5cm diameter. Cord 1.8 meters long.

Here below, the main parts used to make the wall lamp. On the right, Matt lent us a hand with the vertical drill.
Painting the wooden handle and, once the lamp was wired (not shown), fastening the hangers at the back of the industrial mold.

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