Red Monster Robot

Remember last year's Z Robot? Well, this summer's project with my dear 7 years old nephew Leo has been as much fun as the previous one: I really hope this becomes a tradition!

Adrin, the Red Monster Robot is a voracious bull-demon beast with thousands of teeth, little horns, a long tail and a huge stomach that keeps little treasures.. for a while.

See him in detail in the pictures below (If you notice, we had to change the eyes, as one of the previous little red plastic beads snapped after the monster head-butted the table. But the accident was ok in the end, as these yellow wooden ones are much more evil looking!).

Measures: 11 x 7cm, 11cm tall. The tail is super long, I can't remember how much, though!

Some pictures taken during the MAKING OF process: Painting, nailing the mouth... and even adding some brains to the inside of the head!

Leo's brilliant drawings of his Monster-Robot: no one told him to do this, no one helped him and still he came up with these fully accurate and highly technical sketches!

My absolute favourite is the last one, with the description of each and every one of the parts used to make it (Confirmed: playing with LEGO is very good for kids!)
These read: 'La parte delantera de mi robot' (My robot's front part), 'El lado derecho de mi robot' (My robot's right hand side), 'El lado izquierdo de mi robot' (My robot's left hand side)
 And the last two: 'Por debajo de mi robot' (Underneath my robot), 'Las piezas de mi robot' (My robot's pieces)

A great team job!

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