Old Wooden Crates into Coffee Table

A a versatile, rustic-but-elegant piece with an industrial touch. This coffee table is made out of two sturdy wooden fruit crates from the early 50s, fully restored, and a solid pine wood surface painted in deep red and distressed.
I have also added a couple of shelves -with the same material and treatment as the top surface- to maximise the storage, and four casters.
The whole piece has been varnished and polished for durablility and a smooth, satin touch.
Measures: 70 x 63cm, 50cm high

THE MAKING OF: Here below, the main parts used to make the table
Rounding the top surface and shelves edges, sanding the crates
Treating the crates against wood worm, then varnishing them. In the back of the right hand side picture you can see the shelves and other parts already painted in red.
Once the structure was built (not shown), the top surface got distressed and aged. Finally, varnishing it.

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