Vintage Suitcase turned into Side Table

A trunk sized, rather elegant black suitcase from the 70s with metallic corner bumpers and three hasps -plus a mustard yellow interior canvas in mint condition!- makes the perfect side table with storage. Four chrome tubular legs with adjustable tips and a thick glass top complete the swanky look.

Measures: 60cm wide, 42cm deep, 46cm high.

THE MAKING OF: Here on the right, the main parts used to make the table

Below, polishing the metallic bits -and taking off the studs at the bottom of the suitcase to replace them with the new legs.
Marking, cutting and painting the board of mdf wood that will serve as the support for the legs.
Drilling a hole in the centre of the four pieces of mdf to be able to secure them to the bottom of the suitcase with a screw.
Attaching the chrome legs -and finally, placing the glass pane on silicone drops, plus securing it to the lid with metallic angles.

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