1Unik Necklaces Display

This is the display for the necklaces of 1Unik's 'Bling Bling' collection at Giulia & LabA's shop (Tapiòles 30, Barcelona).

The base is an old blackboard. Its dark green colour gives the perfect background contrast to the varied pieces, as their bronze, silver and glass tones wouldn't show properly on lighter or darker surfaces... talking from experience!

For decorative purposes, and to be 'in tune' with 1Unik's line of work, I added a frame made out of different wooden boards, all treated and varnised but proudly showing their lovely wear patina and age: two antique fragments of 19th Century door frames (the white and the rigged ones), a piece from a 30s cabinet (the top one) and a side board from a small table (the black one)

The necklaces hang from rows of tiny headless nails, placed at different heights -for long and shorter models- Simple but effective!

I normally add a few pictures of 'the making of'. This time it was not very complex, of course, so I'll only post this one: the tricky part was to choose the right kind and the right combination of boards!

This is the kind of sight that drives me nuts, but it is a mess that HAS to be made, when dealing with "patch works"! Unfortunately, putting things back in order sometimes takes much longer than the building process... oh, well. 

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