Vintage Kitchen Blender Turned into a Lamp

This is what I call an interesting commission!

The customer had bought a curious artifact in a thrift shop: it looked like a vintage kitchen appliance (a blender, maybe?) that somebody had transformed into a lamp... but it was kind of a sloppy job -some parts were secured with tape, there were nuts and screws everywhere, an ugly wire too visible.. plus the lamp wouldn't work!

So she brought it to me to see if I could make the quirky design look 'cleaner', and of course to
turn the thing into a functional lamp. Challenge accepted! -moreover, I had a great time. Check the pictures below and the 'Making Of' section for further details.

Measures: 32cm high, 17cm diameter.

Some pictures taken during the MAKING process: the lamp, as it was before -the bulb socket was hidden underneath that white shade within the big one, and the customer agreed that that should go. Also, there were some redundant parts, far too many nuts and screws, and an ugly wire that was too visible. The body of the lamp included two not working switches and a cute red light: those were of course keepers.
Dismantling it -some nuts were so rusty that my only option was to cut the bolt... trimming the slot in the shade with black rubber.
The changes in the general design of the lamp implied drilling a wider hole in the arched piece of steel that supports the shade, among other. Wiring all the components of the lamp.
The last touches: painting the porcelain bulb socket in black to match the general look and attaching the shade with cute small acorn nuts.

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