Industrial Adjustable Wall Lamp

I recently finished this adjustable wall lamp, made out of several vintage parts. It includes an old shade, enamelled in dark green, a three-tier adjustable brass arm in satin black, a metallic wall canopy taken from the base of a 60s table lamp and painted in satin black to match the rest, black bakelite bulb socket, a toggle switch and various other bits.
Check the pictures below and the 'Making Of' section for further details.

Measures: Shade 19cm diameter, 17cm high. Wall base 12cm diameter. Lenght (in the position in the photo) 70cm.

A few pictures taken during the MAKING process: the main parts used to build the lamp; scraping off the paint from the brim of the wall canopy to be.
Drilling the holes for the screws and the toggle switch; spray painting the vintage part that would become the lamp support.
Wiring the lamp, that had to be done as the same time as the mounting of all the different parts -maybe the hardest bit of the whole process!

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