Farmhouse Kitchen Table, Restored and Renewed

Here is one of the latest finished projects: a lovely kitchen table from the first decades of the 20th Century in solid pinewood -with a big drawer, rounded corners and tapered legs.

I have fully restored it, stripping it off the numerous layers of paint that were added through the years, just repainting the table top (originally a damaged Formica sheet) in a light, warm shade of gray. The tips of the legs are painted in the same tone, and I have also added a matching old iron cup handle to the front of the drawer.
Check the pictures below and the 'Making of' section for further details.

Measures: 80 x 50, 81cm high.

Some pictures taken during the MAKING process: The table, after the first stripping of the many layers of paint that were 'suffocating' it. The final stripping took some more hours... (here, doing the drawer front)
The table, completely stripped off. Priming the damaged Formica table top.
Restoring the interior of the drawer
 Filling the holes left by wood worms with wood putty, and painting the table top in a light, warm gray tone.
The tips of the legs got painted in gray too, then the whole piece got sealed with clear varnish and polished. The final step: adding an old iron cup handle to the drawer front.

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