'Cupcake' Floor Lamp

I got this beautiful vintage milk glass lamp shade not a long ago, but when I tried to make it into a pendant light I realised that, as it was unevenly thick, it looked croocked.

All for the best, I decided to go a step fordward and use it to make a floor lamp! The vintage chrome pole with a nice three-legs design matched more than fine with it, I just had to find an appropiate 'tray' to rest the heavy shade on top and add a few other sleek details to complete the elegant, 70's look combo.

Check the pictures below and the 'Making Of' section for further details.

Measures: total height 150cm, feet 40cm wide, shade 20cm high, 44cm diameter at its widest point.

Some pictures taken during the Making Of: The main parts used to make the lamp; polishing the chromed steel feet
Mounting the 'tray' for the shade on the top part and gluing the chrome ring that would act as the finial of the lamp
Adding a rubber trim to the bottom of the milk glass shade to prevent it from moving. Wiring the lamp.
Finally, wiring the socket and the vintage switch.

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