Custom Double Chalkboard Sign for a Bakery

I have just finished a lovely commission: making a double chalkboard sign for a family business bakery.

They bake everything themselves and wanted the sign to reflect not only the colours and shape of their logotype but also the love and care of their handmade products.

I have used two reclaimed thick boards, really heavy, that will make the sign stand even when there is strong winds. In order to make it weatherproof, the wooden bits are sealed with clear varnish and the rest is painted with enamel paint. I have also added four small plastic legs.

Then, to make it completely personal, I have cut two solid beech boards in the shape of the rolling pin in the logo, with handwritten letters. Check all the details in the pictures below!

Measures: 82cm high,  52cm wide (60cm wide for the rolling pins on top)

The happy customer sent a picture of the chalkboard sign outside his bakery. I'm thrilled!

If you are in Barcelona, go get yourselves a treat: they are in Carrer de Sant Jordi, 9 - Just in front of Sants Market!

A bunch of pictures taken during the MAKING PROCESS: First, the double sign - tracing the rolling pin shape as in the logotype, then cutting it
Rounding the edges; scketching the lettering by hand, as accurately as possible
Handwritting the name of the Bakery with custom mixed enamel paint to match the colour in the logo. Sealing with several coats of clear varnish.
Cutting the trimming, then varnishing it so it will stand the outdoors placement of the sign.
Applying the chalkboard paint on the thick, heavy boards. The sides and back parts were painted in the same burgundy tone as the logo.
Polishing the old reclaimed hinges in solid steel,
Once attached, the hinges got protected with clear varnish too. One of the last steps: handwritting the rest of the logo's name

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