Bespoke Old Cabinet Restoration and Reclaimed Wood Shelves

One of 1Unik's best customers commissioned the restoration of a long tall cabinet of hers to be mounted on a recessed wall area of her livingroom, along with some shelves made out of reclaimed pinewood boards.

See the pictures below, including the 'making process' ones, to get further details!

Measures- Cabinet: 170cm high, 45cm wide, 25cm deep. Shelves: average 26cm deep; 67cm, 115cm and 128cm long.

MAKING THE SHELVES:Dismantling an old industrial shelving unit to get the pinewood boards (harder work than it may seem!), and a sketch with the different shapes and measurements of the future shelves.
Cutting the boards to measure, plus rounding the edges
The longest shelf was the most complex one...
Attaching the supports; filling the gaps with wood putty
Varnishing all the pieces
And, finally, fitting everything into place!

MAKING THE CABINET: This gorgeous piece seems to be from the first decades of the 20th Century. It was in a general good shape, but it could certainly be improved - Matt Taylor did the scrapping off the old layers of paint on the outside
And I did the rest: here, sanding the two little drawers, plus painting their inside in light gray (once the old sticky paper got removed)
Light gray water-based enamel paint also for the inside of the cabinet, including all the shelves
Scrapping off the old layers of paint also on the inside of the door frame, then sanding (not shown) - And then cutting off the central panel
Cutting to measure and installing the rounded slats that will support the glass panel
Drilling a couple of nice half-circumference holes on the drawer fronts, to replace the pulls - And varnishing all the parts
The vintage brass pull for the door and the glass panel came last: finished!

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