1Unik: The Counter

Of course it's been a while since I finished the counter at 1Unik's shop, but I hadn't find the time to sit and write the post on it... here it is, finally, with tons of pictures to show all its different parts in detail.
For the full description on all the materials and finishes used, scroll down to the 'Making Of' section!

Measures: Counter structure - 2 meters long, 46 cm deep, 94 cm high. Showcase - 50 x 56 cm, 196 cm high

The Making of the Counter:
1- The Frame - built with plywood boards with a white wash finish and some reclaimed pinewood laths to strenghten the structure
Here below, cutting the old wardrobe back panel that would be used to cover the front of the counter, then painting and distressing it.

Above, on the right: the front and side panels, mounted.
Below: Chiseling the frame to fit the lock of the cabinet window

Making the shelves for the display window in the front, out of small pallet wood (painted and distressed)
The final stages of the counter frame making included fitting several reclaimed drawers and the addition of a few more shelves to accomodate all the little things in need of storage.

2- The Showcase, made out of three old windows, joined together and mounted on a pinewood stand with a lower shelf. The showcase has two glass shelves and some trimming made out of pinewood moulding. The idea is also to add a couple of LED light strings inside, but I haven't found the time to do this yet!

3- The Top Cover is reclaimed from an old Wardrobe, to which I have adapted three vintage bulb sockets with porcelain insulation rings.

4- The Countertop is made out of pallet boards: sanded, painted or stained and distressed. They are cut at different lengths to create an interesting, uneven pattern.
Once the till finally arrived I was able to cut the countertop surface to measure, in order to 'sink' the coins drawer in.
 Filling the gaps with wood putty, and sealing with several layers of clear varnish
5- Wall Mounted Shelving: reclaimed from an old 'bureau' desk, turned upside-down and stained. I also added a wooden rod to hold the ribbons

1Unik's counter, (almost) finished!

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