Industrial Dining Table with Reclaimed Wood and Steel Frame

A great commission from a special customer! Dining table in industrial style, with steel frame structure -to which we have included embedded beech wood details- and a top surface made out of pinewood pallet boards framed with very old reclaimed beams, also in solid pinewood.
See the detail pictures and the 'Making Of' section here below for further details

Measures: top surface 160 x 85 cm, heigth 76 cm.

A picture sent by the happy customer, with the table dressed for a gorgeous dinner: very cosy!

A few snap shots taken during THE MAKING PROCESS of the table:
The structure of the legs, taking shape -a fine welding job done by Matt Taylor!
Sanding the pallet boards for the top surface (not shown here, Matt also took care of stripping off the layers of paint plus cutting the old solid pinewood beams that we used to make the frame of the table top)
Mounting and fitting the reclaimed beams and pallet wood boards for the table top: the 'frame' is secured with custom-made solid beech dowels - See further below for the rest of fine tunning
Drilling the holes for the big iron screws that would fasten the top surface to the structure, and adding some more solid beech dowels to the steel legs, as a nice decorative touch.
The pallet boards needed to be adjusted and planned on their bottom side in order to achieve an even surface on top. Then, adding some very thin pieces of wood, plus wood putty in the gaps between pieces: a meticulous, precise task!
And, after several thorough sanding 'sessions', the final steps: varnishing the whole piece with four layers of water-based, clear resin and polishing it for a smooth, satin touch (not shown).

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