Eileen Green Table

A review on one of the most popular design icons of the 20th Century. The adjustable side table E1027 was designed by Eileen gray in 1927, and this frame is a vintage authorised reproduction.

In order to add up some warmth to the design I replaced the glass surface for a wooden one taken from an old door fence, which already had a lovely distressed effect.

Measures: diameter of the top surface 60cm; heigth adjusts from 56cm to 86cm

THE MAKING OF: Here below, the main parts used to build the table
Polishing the frame, and replacing the rusted original chain for a new chrome ball one
Cutting the surface, plus sanding it and gluing it to a plywood base for reinforcement
Drilling the hole for the guide pole, and finally protecting it with several coats of clear water based varnish. It also got polished for a smooth, satin finish.

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